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Extending FMPerception


Sometimes you might have a question that FMPerception can't answer exactly the way you want. In that case, you can extract the data and build a tool on top of it to find the answers you need.  After all, you're a FileMaker developer.  If you can get access to good, clean, raw data, you can figure out anything. Here are the basic steps:

Step by Step

  1. Use the Browser to find a set of results that contains the data you need to answer your question.
  2. Export the results to a CSV.
  3. Import the CSV into a FileMaker file and process the data again using the full power of FileMaker.


Here is an example. In a multi-file system, it can be difficult to keep track of Custom Functions. The same custom function exists independently in each file. It is pretty hard to tell if each copy is exactly the same. FMPerception doesn't yet have a report that can show you this. But it's pretty easy to build a tool that figures it out.  In the video below, we show how this works.


Download the Custom Function Checker file that was used in the video.