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Licensing Information


Once you buy FMPerception, you get free access to all new versions with all their new features for a year after you purchase. If you want to continue to get new versions after the first year you can renew for 50% of the current list price. If you choose not to renew, your old version will continue to work. You can tell how much time you have left before your free upgrades expire on the Registration window, which you can reach from the FMPerception menu. Choose "FMPerception Registration/Trial..."


We define an "activation" as an instance of FMPerception running on a single machine on a single OS. So our Single User License is good for two activations or two computers. You can use the activations in any way that you wish, as long as everyone who is using the license works for the same company or organization. If you want to split a single user license with your business partner, each of you can use one of the activations. That's fine with us.

Changing Computers

If you want to change which computer is using one of your activations, you can.  Just "De-Register" first. Go to the Registration window (accessed via the FMPerception window) and click the De-Register button. Then install and register FMPerception on the new computer using the license key originally issued at your time of purchase as your registration code.

If you can't De-Register because you already deleted FMPerception, just contact our support.  We'll de-register it from our end. Its important to know that once you de-register a computer, FMPerception will stop working on that machine.